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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why do I have to use indiancashback.com?

Indiancashback.com gives you cashback service with no big efforts. And it's free!

2. What is cashback service?

Cashback service can be defined as the money you get back after making a purchase. Its not like discount, but you can think of it as discount. Once you make purchase by paying full amount, you will get some money (which is said in offer) back in cash.

3. How can I get cashback service through indiancashback.com?

Open indiancashback.com in your web browser. First you have to make an account with Indiancashback.com. now sign in to your indiancashback.com with your username and password. Browse through indiancashback.com and find your preferred deal- Click on it. You will be redirected to selected merchant’s website. Purchase as usual. Voilà! Once the order and payment are confirmed, you will get mail notifications that you have got CASHBACK!

4. Where I can see the cashback service details?

Sign in to your account. And follow my account link at top right corner. And then go to payments section and you can see all transactions listed there.

5. How can I get the cashback money?

You can get cashback money by requesting an earned cashback. we can transfer money directly to your bank account. For this you have to fill your bank account details with indiancashback.com. You can find this option at payments section at your account page.

Alternatively you can get the cashback money through check/dd also. For this also you have to fill the required details for transaction.

6. I have signed in through Facebook, so I don't have a password. When I am trying to get cashback, Indiancashback.com asks me for password. How can I solve this issue?

This security check is put there to ensure that money reaches right owner. To get a password for your account, logout and then try click on login button, you can see ‘Forgot password’ link there. Click that and enter the email you used at Facebook. And we will mail you a newly generated password. You can use that password for transactions and also to login. It’s strongly recommended to change password using settings link at My account page.

And if you face any issue regarding this, feel free to contact us using Contact Us Form.