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About Us

Our motivation is to promote the e-commerce branch of internet and to make it familiar to the common people. We believe the cashback service will be more useful for a deep reach. We are working with most giants of e-commerce marketing to promote their products and to give one more reason to opt online shopping- the Cashbacking.

So, as we are partners with most of the merchants, you can find whatever you want through us. Since we works as promoters of merchants, we get commission for the business done through us, and we simply transfer the big percentage back to you, that means more savings for you at each buy. Because of this reason, you are getting your cashback savings over merchant given offers. Don’t worry, we will guide you through all relevant available merchant offers also. Indiancashback.com transfers your cashback as hot money, directly to your bank account. We are not forcing you to pick another product or chose any unwanted gift. We give you hot cash. For getting all these services for free, the only effort you have to take is sign-up at www.indiancashback.com by giving your e-mail address. Feel the reality of savings through cashbacking.

We have a team consisting marketing experts, programmers, skilled designers, market analysts coordinated under experienced management team. Startup Village - Cochin guides us to serve you people better.