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Welcome to India’s ultimate cashback and coupon destination- The Indiancashback.com website.

We give you cashback and coupons to you for your ‘wow- making’ online purchase.

But very sadly, we might encounter some situations that we cannot track your order, even though we have advanced tracking system. But with your little care, these problems can be avoided and we will make sure that your cashback reaches you in minimum possible time. So spending time reading the following will be very useful for your easy earnings.

Clear your browser cookies.

There is some data in your internet browser (that can be Google chrome, internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera….) that is generated when you are working with them. Indiancashback.com and merchant site (like flipkart.com, amazon.in, myntra.com...) using these cookies to correctly track your order. In some rare cases, you might be using these websites long before, and the cookies will be there in your browser. At the time of your original purchase, indiancashback.com and merchant site may confuse with your old cookies and tracing may result in fault. This may result in extra time to track your cashback or may disqualify you from earning the cashback. That’s really worst.

So we have come up with a solution that simply clear the cookies. It will cost you nothing and you will not lose nothing. What you have to do is this all...

If you are working in Mozilla Firefox, go to Tools -> Clear recent history -> Cookies -> Clear Now

If you are working in Google Chrome, go to Customize and control Google Chrome -> History -> Clear all browsing data -> Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data -> Clear browsing data

If you are working in Internet Explorer, go Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> Browsing History -> Delete -> Cookies -> Delete

That’s all, you have now cleared your old cookies. Now purchase as usual.

Important update:
If you are using incognito window in browser, pleas turn off "Block third-party cookies" option. Cookies are important for cashabck tracking.

Please refer below image to understand how to turn off that option:

How to use coupons while purchasing

Coupons means some codes that can be used at the time of purchasing to reduce the pricing. How this works because indiancashback.com has bargained with stores to give reduction for our users. So to distinguish with a normal user and indiancashback.com user, we give you these codes. This will automatically appear when you click on the 'View offer' to go to the store. At that time, a popup will display you the coupon code. Simply copy this to your clipboard like Select the coupon code -> right click -> copy. At the time of checkout, there will be some columns to type the coupon code / voucher code. Paste the code here from your clipboard (right click -> paste). Now see, the bill amount has reduced.

If you are using coupon code that you got from somewhere outside indiancashback.com, the merchant may not track the order to indiancashback.com. So this may disqualify you from getting cashback. You can use any coupons that is available at indiancashback.com for safe and free.

There is a little trick to order multiple items

See there are some stores that give a fixed cashback for each purchase. They won’t be giving cashback as some percentage of the bill amount. For these types of stores, if you are ordering multiple items by adding all into your cart and making a single checkout, you will get cashback only one time, for all your orders. Think like this, if you are making all these orders differently, you will get that cashback for each time. And indiancashback.com team is happy to add all these to your account. Little trick- more savings.

But make sure you have reached minimum purchase amount to get cashback. if not, you may add items to your cart, till the threshold bill amount reaches for cashback.

Done your purchase, but cashback not tracked?

Oh, that’s really frustrating. We know you feel bad… Don't worry, you have got a way to clear this. Simply place a missing cashback report to us. You can find the link to place missing cashback report once you signed in to your account. It is located very near to slider in the home page. Yes, at the left side of the slider.

Remember it usually takes up to 72 hours to track your order by the indiancashback.com’s tracking system.