IndianCashback Exclusive: Rs.30 cashback on train ticket booking !!

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Cashback on Train Tickets !! You might not believe it, but it is true.

Indian Railway is usually reluctant in providing discounts however there is a simple trick on how to get cashback when you book train tickets. Indiancashback is offering Rs.30 cashback for each booking. We will tell you how you too can save on train fare using IndianCashback.

Now a days travelling is become a part of our life so everyone needs to spend their valuable time and money for travel especially for long trips. Train is always a best option in case of long journey and in case you are sensitive to money. Major railway stations are mostly right in the centre of main cities which means the correct destination. Even small towns have minimum three trains a day and one in the night which entrust a reliable rail travel.

Technology takes over

Earlier we used to rush to stations and attend long tiresome queues at stations to get tickets. There came IRCTC to make booking hassle free and easy through online.

With arrival of IRCTC, ticketing has become simple. No need of being in the queue for a long time. Sit at home, fire up your laptop or phone and book the ticket.

Some drawbacks

However at IRCTC you are about to pay an amount above the normal rate of train tickets due to the service charges and tax imposed by the IRCTC. And also due to the amount transaction charges imposed by the Banks.

We still book train tickets online, thinking of it’s positive sides of getting rid of the risk in direct booking from railway stations. And we don’t have many other options.

The trick 😉

Those times are gone now say goodbye to all those worries. Cashbacks are now available for train tickets too.

Yes, it’s true  you will get Rs.30 cashback for every train tickets you book. 

Indiancashback has partnered with Cleartrip to offer you Rs.30 cashback for each train ticket you book. Indiancashback is one among the best cashback offering websites rendering you the best offers in the industry. Each time you book train ticket from Cleartrip via indiancashback, you will be getting Rs.30 cashback on your indiancashback account. The more you travel, the more you save.

Here is how to get cashback for each train ticket booking you make at Cleartrip App

  • Go to Cleartrip offer page at
  • Click on View offer or Express checkout and it will take you to Cleartrip App (if you do not have app installed, it will ask you to install app)
  • From side menu, pick Trains and then Search & Book IRCTC trains
  • Book your ticket
  • Use payUmoney as payment method as payment method and get extra 1% off
  • Your cash back will be added to your account within 72 hours.

Everyone is taking alternative ways for every action then why not go for a alternative cum beneficial way to book train tickets online. The demand for train tickets is increasing day by day. Everyone needs to travel not only for official needs but also for personal needs. So why can’t you save the travel fare when you live in a country where the costs increase frequently and the need for savings becomes inevitable. It’s a fact to think of. With this offer you can make your each travel whether official or personal to a savings mode travel.