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The advent and rapid increase in number of online Stores have made the shopping hassle free by any means. Online stores offer the best deals and discounts for every product whether it be Clothes, Food, Jewellery, Mobile Phones, online medicines and healthcare.

In this modern era, buying Medicines online is very much prevalent across the Globe. In my point of view, the first thing that should have come online is Medicine. Coz, Medicine is an inevitable necessity to most of us. In fact, most of you might have wandered for finding and buying medicines. Now with online shopping, there is no need of such wandering.

At present, there is a whole bunch of dedicated e-drugstores and Health care Stores in the online Market. The huge discounts, coupon codes, and other exciting deals available online makes online purchase more advantageous than offline. On the top of all you can also get cashback for online medicines purchase from indiancashback. Scroll down to know more about huge discounts on online medicine offers and cashbacks.


Online Pharmacies for your pharmaceutical needs

Who is there without facing any health issues? It’s a true that in your life you may have come across many Health related problems. There are so many health issues from fever to Cancer to HIV requiring expensive medications and therapies. Now you can save your valuable health and your precious time. Yes, I am talking about the “online Pharmacy”. It is the one and only destination where you can order Medicines just by few clicks. Otherwise, you need to desperately wait in long queues in the offline Stores.
You can buy prescription drugs, non-prescription products and health related products from online Pharmacies. You are even able to compare the prices of your order from these online Medical Stores. The best part is that you can shop at your convenient time as these Stores are open 24X7 and you can access it from anywhere. Buying medicines online have a lot of benefits other than these.

To know more about online medical Stores and discounts offered by them, just read on.


Netmeds – India Ki Pharmacy and its cashback up to Rs.350

As you know, NetMeds is a major licensed online Pharmacy Company serving Indian consumers living in India and abroad. It’s actually brought to you by the Dadha & Company which is one of the India’s most trusted Pharmacies, with over 100 years of experience in dispensing quality Medicines. NetMeds offers you a wide range of prescription Medicines and other health products. They brings you OTC products including wellness products, Vitamins, diet/fitness Supplements, Herbal products, pain Relievers, diabetic care Kits, baby/mother care products, beauty care products and surgical supplies from this Store. They provide you the medications from world-class pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Wyeth, Merck, Ranbaxy, Dr. Reddy’s, Nicholas Piramal, Sun Pharmacy, etc.

All you have to do while purchasing prescription Medicines is just upload the prescription and order it. You can do it even by capturing a photo of the prescription using your Phone. The uploaded prescription will be checked by the authorised Pharmacists for safety purpose. On the other hand, Non prescription Products can be purchased just like normal online shopping. And you can also buy suggested generic alternatives of Medicines to save more.

You know you will get some points each time you do a purchase. And once you have received enough points you can convert it as earnings and can utilize it for future orders. You can also avail the advantage of exciting NetMeds offers. Currently it offers up to 10% discounts for prescription Medicines, 5% discounts for non-prescription items and 15% discounts on prescription drugs above an order of Rs.1500. You can make use of Netmeds coupons to avail flat 20% off for every kind of medicines. They celebrates festive and non festive season by providing so many interesting offers and contests for you.

In addition to all these offers if you purchase medicines via Indiancashback from netmeds you will be getting cashback. That means, if you purchase medicines worth Rs.1501 and above you will get Rs.350 cashback. If it is between Rs.701 to 1500 then cashback will be Rs.245. Offers are not over yet, if you buy medicines below Rs.700 then the cashback is 24.5% along with all netmeds offers.


1mg – India’s trusted pharmacy network and generic medicine search engine

You might have heard of 1mg which was formerly known as Healthkart plus. 1mg is an online Pharmaceutical site that brings you the Medicines in your prescription that you provide to them. This prescription will be validated by a team of Pharmacists and will be passed on to a Pharmacy in your vicinity. They can also present you Medicines which have the same composition as prescribed by your doctor that too in a considerably lower price. 1mg helps you connect to the nearest partnered Pharmacy that can fulfill your order. So with 1mg you can meet your Pharmaceutical needs and OTC products. And you can purchase Medicines and healthcare products from 1mg with the ease of home or office.

1mg offers discounts and mind blowing deals for you. Currently 1mg offers flat 20% off on Medicines and other health care products. It will be always a pleasure to shop from 1mg as it presents many offers and deals. In spite of all these, you can enjoy cashback also. You know how? When you purchase via Indiancashback you can get flat Rs.100 cashback. And this cashback will be credited to your Indiancashback account within next 72 hours.


Healthians: Find Labs for your checkup

If we talk about health issues it will not be just about Medicines and healthcare products. However finding Labs for check ups will also come. Actually these facilities are also available online. The best example for it is Healthians. It is India’s largest Marketplace, where you can find affordable diagnostic Labs, crowd sourced sample collectors and nearby Doctors.

Healthians offers you various Health care checkups, Medical Services and Diagnostic tests. It covers more than 350 diagnostic Labs including labs in hospitals and is present in over 22 cities. You can find many discounts for almost every popular tests or check ups. Currently it have many offers for check ups from which you can save upto Rs.3000.

In addition to that, you can avail cashback for your purchase via Indiancashback. And cashback is 7% of the total amount you have to pay. This cashback will be credited automatically to your Indiancashback account within 72 hours.


List of best stores for your Healthcare needs

Apart from these Stores there are some health Stores exclusively for healthcare needs and wellness. You can find every healthcare products and wellness supplies from these online Healthcare Stores.

1. HealthKart

HealthKart, which is one among the best Health Stores, also is a one stop destination for your healthcare needs. It provides you quality products and services at the most cost effective rates. It can be said as a one-stop shop for all healthcare needs for people in India. You can find over 200 brands in their catalogue. If you are very much concerned about health and fitness then this is the perfect place. They have a separate section for offers. And you can enjoy every benefits of online shopping such as their discounts, gift packages, coupon codes etc from Healthkart. From Healthkart you can avail up to 50% discounts on products.

On the top of all you can enjoy up to 5% cashback for your purchase via Indiancashback. So shop via Indiancashback to get best cashback which will be credited to your Indiancashback account within 72 hours.


Healthgenie is the next Store for Healthcare needs. It is a New Delhi based online Healthcare products Store. And it is one of the India’s top most healthcare products & fitness online shopping Store for men, women, and kids. You can purchase Healthcare products, nutrition Supplements, health Equipments, diabetes supplies, elderly care, baby care and personal care products from Healthgenie. Currently Healthgenie offers flat 5% off on Whey Protein, Treadmill, Weighing Scale, Electric Blanket and Baby Stroller. Apart from it you can find other deals from its ‘Offers’ section.

And above all you can get 5.5% cashback for your purchase via Indiancashback. The happiest thing is that your Indiancashback account will be credited with this cashback within 72 hours.

All these online stores bring health on your doorstep.


Stay healthy and save more

As Health is dynamic, all of us have times of good health, sickness, and maybe even serious illness. So at that times when you buy medicines and healthcare products online, just don’t forget the chance to get cashback from Indiancashback.

Actually if you buy medicines and healthcare products from the online Pharmacies and Health Stores via Indiancashback you will avail extra cashback. And it will be credited to your Indiancashback account. So start saving on medicine and healthcare shopping with Indiancashback.


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