Online Food Ordering: Top 6 stores list

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Online shopping is becoming a trend these days. People are just transferring their purchases from traditional shopping to the online mode of shopping. The cost benefit and convenience is the greatest advantage of the online shopping. Today anything and everything is available online and Online Food Ordering has become a trend too.

This day we are going to give you a clear picture of online food ordering websites in India. We will also tell you the best offers and cashbacks offered by each of these online sellers. Stay Connected with us for the most updated offers, coupons, cashbacks, rebates etc related to all these sites. We have partnered with over 10 online food delivery websites, but here we are only mentioning about the best ones which are providing new offers in every day.

1. FoodPanda – Free food delivery and take away

FoodPanda is one of the largest online food ordering network in the world. It is working in over 24 countries and has been partnered with over 40,000 restaurants. FoodPanda offers mobile app, mobile site and website platforms for ordering. They are one of the leaders in this segment and have 100% safe food products.

Foodpanda offers services from world renowned restaurants such as Subway, Baskin Robins, Yo china, Pizza Hut etc. You can get anything and everything from The partner restaurants of this site make them so special.

The Foodpanda offers best deals and discounts to its customers. We just add a little flavor to your cooked dishes by providing you with additional cashback from our side. Shop at Foodpanda through IndianCashback and get exciting cashback.

2. Dominos – India’s fastest growing fast food service

Dominos is the first name that come to your mind when you hear the word pizza. Dominos is the world leader for Pizzas. You can find Dominos pizza store in every city and major shopping malls. The menu of Dominos varies from region to region. You can get low cost budget pizzas to high end pizzas. Dominos has everything to suite you.

Although Pizza is the main focus of Dominos, you can also get beverages, side dishes such as sandwiches bread-sticks etc. The best thing about Dominos is the quality of ingredients used by them to prepare the pizza. The Pizzas are fresh made after the shop gets the order. The order can be placed in person or through internet. If you are placing the order through internet then you will have to specify whether you like a Home Delivery or a take out from the shop. Dominos supports home delivery for a distance of 7 km from their shop.

You can get a dozens of offers from Dominos each week. You can get mobile alerts from Dominos by subscribing to their offer alerts. For the updated and most exciting deals and coupon codes on Dominos Pizza stay connected with IndianCashback and enjoy amazing cashback offers.

3. Swiggy – Order food online from more than 1500 restaurants in your city

Swiggy is also an online food ordering website based on Bangalore, India. Swiggy operates in the same way of Foodpanda. You can get cheap deals from Swiggy. They offer their service in almost all major cities of India. You can use their website and also mobile app for ordering food from the nearby restaurants.

Since Swiggy is a growing concern they are providing great deals to their customers for penetrating into the market. Swiggy acts as a single window platform for online food ordering. The service is excellent and the delivery is on time. We will never be discouraged for using their service. If you haven’t tried Swiggy yet, give it a shot.

Stay tuned with us and we will let you know the best offers available from Swiggy. We will regularly update IndianCashback with the cheap deals, exciting coupons, discounts and cashbacks from Swiggy. So stay with us and don’t give a chance to miss a deal that suits you.

4. Faasos – Enjoy the fastest home delivery you’ve ever experienced is an Indian online food ordering website which is massively growing from day to day. More than 30,000 meals served and 4,00,000 customers are using Faasos from about 15 cities of India.

You can either use their mobile app or else can use the website to order food over 200 destinations within the country. Faasos provide exciting deals and coupon codes for their customers at each dawn. Stay with us to get detailed info about the best offers and discount coupons currently available in Faasos for massive savings. Shop using IndianCashback and get additional cashback on each shopping at Faasos.

5. Travelkhana – Eat well in your travel

Travelkhana is something different from the stores we have mentioned above. Travelkhana also fits into the class of websites for food ordering, but there is a small difference. Travelkhana is an online food ordering portal which allows the travelers using Rail mode of transport to order the food. Travelers of train can order food from travelkhana and the food will be delivered to their berth or seat. Is not that wonderful??

You can take your time and order a dish when you travel. Travelkhana works in almost all major stations. When we select the route of our travel travelkhana shows the available food and their price. All we need to do is select a food and click the order button. The food will be delivered to your seat.

Travelkhana provides exciting deals and coupon codes to its customers at regular intervals. You can use these coupons to get a reduction in the order price. In addition to this you can also avail good cashback when you go through Indiancashback to Travelkhana.

6. KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken !!

There will not be a person who haven’t yet heard the name KFC. KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is world’s second largest food chain. KFC is serving in 123 countries with more than 20,000 locations. KFC is specialized in fried chicken segment.

However we can get a variety of food from KFC. The bucket chicken for Rs.999 is one of the ever best campaigns in the history of food ordering. KFC had expanded a lot and now provides a mobile app and web platform for food ordering. There are many offers from KFC during Wednesdays. KFC is present in almost all cities and shopping malls across the country.

Certain deals from KFC helps you to save upto 80% of your cost. There are times when sometimes you just wanna spent only Rs.5 to 30 to get a meal of 499. The discount codes will reduce your cost and the cashback for KFC from IndianCashback will make your purchase a very low cost one. So stay connected with us for maximum savings on your KFC purchase.

How to get most out of the deals

IndianCashback has partnered with all the online food ordering sites listed above to offer you best coupons, deals, discounts and cashback. We have compiled a list of all offers from these stores above and listed here:

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