Introducing Instant Cashback – How to save double !

indiancashback introducing instant cashback

Every one like cashbacks, but we know when it comes to cashback the hardest part is the waiting period to get it approved. No worries, it’s no more a hurdle for you. is exclusively introducing our instant cashback confirmation system

You will get your promised cashback with in few seconds, just like paytm cashback which you might have experienced.

What is Instant cashback & how it works?

The word Instant cashback says it all. Your cashback for any purchase will be approved within seconds of successful transaction.

How it works?

We’ve tied up with multiple brands like BigBazaar, Nike, Westside by Tata, PVR, Max, Uber, Uber Eats Levi’s and many more for selling their gift cards. You can buy these gift cards from us and you will get your cashback back approved instantly. You gift cards will also be delivered to your email and mobile within seconds.

Now you can use this gift voucher for gifting or you can use it by yourself. Gift vouchers are just like real cash. You can use it at the time of payment on a retail shop or online website . 

Example of retail shop use:

You bought Rs.100 worth BigBazaar gift voucher via us. We are giving 3.5% cashback for BigBazaar as of now, and the cashback will be added to your Indiancashback balance as soon as you complete purchase of the Rs.100 gift card.

It should look like this

BigBazaar Gift card sample

Just show this code to the counter and they will treat it as real cash. If you are buying for more than your voucher value you can pay the balance amount through cash or credit/debit card.

Above case is for a retail shop order, now let us tell you a Double cashback offer for online shopping with gift card.

What is double cashback?

Here you are gonna get cashback for 2 times for a single order, it means 2x cashback, Interesting right?

For example you want to buy a nice T-shirt from Myntra, then instead of going to Myntra using our cashback store, first follow this link and buy Myntra gift card with instant cashback:

Then go to Myntra through our cashback store:

and simply shop as usual.

Here you will get instant cashback for your Myntra gift card purchase and you will get extra cashback for your purchase through cashback store. Which means you are getting Double Cashback !

How can I withdraw my cashback?

Again it’s simple. You can withdraw your confirmed cashback to your bank account for free of cost, or use free transfer to your paytm wallet. You can also ask us a cheque which will attract a courier free and that should be borne by you.

The most recommended ways for withdrawing you cashback are:

  1. Use your cashback to do instant mobile & DTH recharges.
  2. Buy Gift cards of 150+ brands like Amazon, Flipkart, BigBazaar, PVR,  Max etc.

Remember, when you use your cashback to buy Gift cards or do mobile recharge, you are eligible to get cashback again. So we recommend you to use your cashback to do recharges or buying gift cards.

If you have any doubts / suggestions on this, feel free to mail us at [email protected]. Also you can use the comment box below this post.

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