IndianCashback uses MSG91

Being a company which has to keep the connection with its users alive, we were looking for a service which enable us to send sms notifications and alerts to our users. There are 1000s of bulk sms providers but we had to reject most of them due to lack of support or costly pricing scheme.

And that is when we stumbled across MSG91 – a company which delivers 1 Billion+ SMS/month. We loved their simple documentation on integration and prompt customer support and decided to give it a try.


The API integration was really simple. Just generate API key after logging into MSG91 panel and go to API documentation here: After filling the required fields like destination mobile number and sms content, you are presented with ready to use code with your favorite language of choice. Just copy the code and add into your project and it is done.

And the customer support team is readily available. Just ping them if you encounter any issues. You get 100 sms free of cost once you register for trial. That is more than enough to get API ready.

What we did was to create a helper function which is available project wide with parameters to receive destination number and sms content and call this function whenever needed.

Use cases

  • Welcome greeting when a new user joins.
  • Notification when cashback is successfully tracked.
  • Notification when recharge is success/failure.
  • Notification when cashback is confirmed.
  • Notification when payment request is processed.
  • Reminding users to withdraw their confirmed cashback

We are using only transactional sms as of now. Shall be trying promotional sms soon.


MSG91 proved soon that our choice was not wrong. The sms delivery speeds are awesome – let the user complete one action in the site and within 5 seconds he gets sms notification !!

The reports are simple and elegant too. We can search for sms sent to certain numbers, filter by campaign name, date etc.

If you are looking for BULK sms service from a professional company we recommend MSG91.

LINK to official site: